Resiliency, Restoration and Reconnection

Hello, Beautiful People!

Since our last post, I hope are radiating love in your life. I have found if you love life, life will love you back. That being said, when life unfolds itself to us, sometimes it can be very loving and other times it can sting. Through the years, I've discovered three things gets you through the good, the bad and what? They are resiliency, restoration, and reconnection.


As women, we have the ability to endure many things and bounce back. For this reason, we are uber-resilient beings. Years ago, I read this amazing book recommended by my graduate school professor, titled Man's Search For Meaning. The author Viktor Frankl outlined in his book, how to overcome any setback, obstacle or tragedy. Reading his book, I quickly learned to have a meaningful life can lessen the blow when you're faced with challenges. Having a meaningful life was one of the three important facts about Man's Search For Meaning. Mr. Frankl's describes all three ways to overcome any setback, obstacle or tragedy. First, your response to situations, secondly, having a meaningful life and thirdly, the most important is LOVE. All three elements combined created an indescribable resilience. Mr. Frankl's tragedy was the holocaust, an event out of his physical control. However, Mr. Frankl did not allow his circumstances to strip him of his mental abilities, to control his responses to the tragedy's he endured.   


Most times we can bounce back from any setback or life's challenges. However, forgiveness is what opens the door to restoration. As women, we have the ability to endure many things. That uber-resilient nature often gives way to un-forgiveness. When you love deeply it shows in all your relationships. Likewise, when you are hurt deeply, it shows in all your relationships. Therefore, you have to choose forgiveness for complete restoration.


We must reconnect to ourselves, our dreams, our goals, and our spirit. Reconnect to what matters, this year be where it matters! 

Nothing is more important than reconnecting to your bliss. Nothing is as rich. Nothing is more real.   - Deepak Chopra