1 Year 365 Opportunities!

Hello, Beautiful People!

It's February the month dedicated to love. We'll talk all about love over the next week. Before we get too much into our lovefest. Are you checking in on your vision? Or vision board? If you did not create a vision board in December or January. It's not too late! You can create a vision board or journal your vision today.

It's only 3 easy steps!

1. Get a poster board. Personally, I like foam boards.

2. Gather some magazines or any words/pictures. 

3. Cut them out and glue them to your board. Then PRAY over your vision!

Praying over your vision is the most important step. As this action causes a universal reaction. Whether you believe in God or not. It is always a good idea to set your intention and review them. I would also encourage you not to share ALL your vision with others. Sometimes they are not able to see, what vision you hold for yourself. Most often, they do not understand what direction you are heading towards. Therefore, they unintentionally will give bad advice. i.e. Wow, that's an awesome idea! Can you afford that? Or I was thinking about that too. But it's going to take a lot of work. These statements from friends, family, or coworkers are benign. They only become more significant, if you begin to waiver in your faith. Oh yes! Faith is the key to all visions, vision boards and journaling for a purpose. Stay focused and faithful to YOUR vision! 

There's no surprise that I'm totally obsessed with quotes! I recall the quote that gave me motivation when I completed my first vision board in 2005.

Those awaiting perfect circumstances, ignore perfect opportunites. -unknown wise person

You do not have to wait for perfect conditions or circumstances! If you have the faith to Jump as Steve Harvey says, then go for it! If you are not comfortable with jumping. Then crawl, then walk, then run! Just keep going, why?...

You have 1 year and 365 opportunities waiting for you! 

Be Optimistic!