3 Tips That Helped Me Accomplish My Dream (Besides Empty Nest)

Hello, Beautiful People!

This is a new week and I feel really fortunate to share this blog with you. I've come to realize more and more every day, how people are coping with life's challenges. Whether it's work related, getting over a break-up or loss of a dream. What gets you through those times? Since beginning this fantasy and loss series. So many stories come to mind and I want to share one with you today.

In 2000, I received my Bachelor's degree in Social Work with the intention to pursue a Masters's degree. So a few of my colleagues and I decided to attend graduate school. We found the perfect 13-month program on the weekends. Amazing, right?  I was overjoyed and couldn't wait to share this great news with my husband. Since I was working my first job after undergrad and he was aware I wanted to pursue a Master's degree. I was he' going to be so thrilled! Now at the time, I was working at something like you could call my "dream job" if complacency was my destiny. Meaning I could have worked there for 30 years and retired. No golden watch or golden parachute, however, I would have gotten a pension. But this was not for me,  I always saw myself as a professor and a therapist. So I rush home to tell my husband the great news! Since he was going to have full-time dad duty on the weekends soon. He needed this information pretty quick to make adjustments. I recall my excitement to share this information with him. While sharing this great and amazing news. He was giving me a blank stare. I asked, "Why are you looking at me like that?" He replied, "I have an assignment." This was our code word for deployment. My husband was an active duty service member of the Armed Forces. His job was attached to the Army 82nd Airborne Special Forces. Before you ask, yes he jumped out of moving planes! Back to the story please, let's focus. All this conversation took place around the time of 9/11. Our world was super crazy and on high alert as we lived on the largest military known to mankind (Ft. Bragg). However, in the moment it did not occur to me what retaliation efforts the US were planning. I was trying to find some normalcy in the midst of chaos and this opportunity was to great to pass up! Well with his new assignment was leaving the country to prepare for war. I was stunned, devastated and panic stricken! What?! War? Of course, he could not give me any details other than he was leaving in 2 weeks! Thankfully, he returned safe and sound. Then I made him retire 2 years after this story. Okay back to my fantasy, or the loss of my fantasy around my dream of attending graduate school was altered but not denied. I graduated from graduate school in 2014 with my Master's of Social Work. Yes, 14 years later! I know, I know what you're thinking. Thank you, you're far too kind! Seriously, yes it was a long time. However, it was my dream and I succeeded!

See the fantasy around my dream changed. But my dream did not change! I had to navigate around life's unexpected challenges. Therefore, I had to adjust by postponing my dream of completing a graduate program. Until life opened up space for me to fulfill my dream. That space was called Empty Nest!! 

3 Tips That Helped Me Accomplish My Dream (Other Than Empty Nest, Of Course)

1. Time Limits: There are really none for your dreams. You simply lose the energy or desire to chase them. But they are always there. Have you ever heard someone say, I wonder what if? That's the dream saying, Hey, so were still on or what? 

2. Enlightenment: Researching the right resources and avenues. I explored various programs to fit my schedule or what would fit my life? A full-time employee, mom of a disabled high school graduate son and mom of  CIF State Championship son (Code word: Please help! I have practice 4 days a week and games every Friday & oh yeah volunteering at games to prove I was a part of the "real" moms club. High school can be a cruel place. Even for adults!) and I was the spouse of a deployed veteran. In the midst of all these responsibilities, I was still preparing for the empty nest. Meaning I was preparing to regain T-I-M-E that magical thing that leaves until your children are leaving the nest. Then it reappears as having choices or the all elusive free time. But you won't believe what happened next, I found a new part-time graduate program starting in my office building! Well you know how the story ends. Now I have 3 letters before and after my name. For a grand total of 26 characters to spell my full legal name. #goals just saying...

3. Roadmaps: All roads are not created equal. Especially on the pursuit of success. Personal or business it doesn't matter. You have to set your own GPS for what you want. Then stay on course to achieve it. If you get off track reroute don't quit. Focus until you finish!

I hope my story and 3 tips help you or inspire you to achieve your goals or accomplish your dreams.

Now it's Your Turn...I want to hear your stories!

Do you have any altered dreams? Share them with me...

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