Honoring Us...

Hello Beautiful People,

I'm overjoyed today to celebrate YOU! It's not Mother's Day, however, it is A Day Without A Woman. The concept of women rights and human rights seems like a Merry-Go-Round topic. This topic is constantly revisited over history. Today women are taking a stand once again to emphasize the importance of women and womanhood. Maya Angelou and many others have given voice to women over the years, decades and centuries. One of my favorite womanhood quotes by Dr. Maya Angelou...

You make me proud to spell my name W O M A N!- Maya Angelou


This quote is one of my favorites for many reasons. As this quote is simple but poignant. Every woman knows and understands her role in life. Whether she's a daughter, sister, friend, aunt, wife or mother. She is the nucleus that holds everyone and everything together. I dedicate this post to all the beautiful women in my life. I have amazing grandmothers, mother, sisters, cousins and friends. The sisterhood is a bond like no other. You are free to be... When you can a live a life supported by women you can be brave and free. 

Today, I'm free because my grandmothers paved the way for my freedom. As did your grandmothers, mothers, and aunts. I'm overjoyed to know that when my grandmother and mother needed a hero they became one. I along with you honor these SHEROES! 

What legacy will you leave your daughters, granddaughters or nieces?

Please share...

Until next time...Be Brave & Free!