Greatness Exists In All of Us...

 Are You Prepared For Greatness?

Over the past few weeks, I've been in the company of great people. These people aren't great simply due to their fame. They are great based on their core values. This past week, I attended an event hosted by HBO's Creator of Insecure, Issa Rae. The event's special guest was filming extraordinaire Ava DuVernay. Ms. Rae moderated the event and Ms. DuVernay shared some of her wisdom regarding the industry. I was impressed with her core business values. These values included ownership, creativity, and confidence.

These values aligned with my own business values. A friend asked, Why did you attend? You are not in the industry. I replied, I am in business and I use a medium to connect with my audience. Therefore, I am in entertainment. The whole world is entertainment through social media. Social media is a type of medium platform. It allows millions the opportunity for self-expression and self-promotion. Every business small or large uses social media to connect with current and prospective customers. Therefore, I seek guidance is all areas of business. It's the business model and philosophy that makes or breaks a business. Never allow anyone to discourage opportunities for wisdom. Through wisdom, you will find growth and success! 

Self-help is an industry and I am a part of that industry. This website and my other social media outlets are avenues to spread positive messages about life, love, joy, happiness and purpose. Every person has their own measure of success. There's no need for me to duplicate them(Ms. DuVernay or Ms. Rae). However, there is a need for me to duplicate myself. Having ownership of my content is extremely important. As that content establishes who you are. In addition, that content builds confidence. Confidence is not arrogance nor is it ego. I define confidence by knowing your worth and how to inform others of your worth in a respectable manner. By engaging in the conversation of what you can do very well. In other words, not bragging!  

 Listening to the interview between Ms. DuVernay and Ms. Rae, I felt a true sense of freedom! Free to create, free to explore, and free to be great! My greatness is satisfying myself through living out my purpose.

What's your greatness? Are you ready for greatness? Do you know where your greatness lies? Are you living in a space to find your greatness? If not, start plugging into environments that foster greatness, such as the event I attended yesterday. You have to be like a moth to a flame, burn by the fire(sorry sometimes Janet Jackson takes over me). My point is to find good soil then plant yourself and GROW! Creatives or creative people cannot remain in confined spaces. So let's grow and flourish together!

Until next time...Be Great!