Optimism meet-ups

Optimism Speaks host meet-ups for people looking to discover the best version of themselves. Our meet-ups are fun, creative and informative! JOIN US FOR AN OPPORTUNITY TO socialize AND CREATE NEW POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS. We have a variety of meet-ups listed below and we are working on an 8 week class coming soon. DON'T MISS OUT, sign up for A meet-up today!

*Please note all Meet-ups are held in Los Angeles


eat. drink. & be happy!

february 2019


Need a love boost? Join us for a lesson in self-love! this workshop is designed for those who want more out of life, love, relationships or careers


Eat. drink. & discuss!

april 2019

#be transformed

overwhelmed with life and need a change? This meet-up we will discuss Louise Hay's book: you can heal your life. 


Optimism speaks to you 

june 2017

Join the conversation

what's your purpose? Do you have a plan to unveil your purpose? Can't answer these questions? then this meet-up is for you!