Let's Get It Started!

Hello Beautiful People,

Are you feeling a rush of hope? I've talked to a few people and I can tell when speaking with them they were feeling optimistic. I would love it if this optimism remained beyond March. Unfortunately, it seems our optimism dissipates as time goes on. This year let's make it a point to stay optimistic all year long.

Let's Get Started!  

  1. Keep a gratitude journal: I know this sounds a bit cliche'. But I promise you journaling even 5 minutes a day will set your tone for the whole day. Don't believe me? Try it for 30 days and see what happens! 
  2. Set lunch dates with friends, family and/or coworkers: Did you know talking with friends relieves stress. Well of course, if those friends are optimistic. If they are pessimistic refer them to #1.
  3. Choose a scripture, quote or affirmation: Personally, I love scriptures, affirmations and quotes! I honestly have a one of the three for any situation. It's a quick way to regroup from a bad day. 
  4. Review your revelations, not resolutions: What have you asked the Universe to reveal to you? Relationships, your purpose or you're still thinking about it.  No matter what you've asked for, it will come to you.