Are you focused? That is the question of the day.Why? Because most times, a person will make a goal, plan or start a project then loose focus. Not for any particular reason, other than no commitment. When you do not fully commit to a goal, idea or plan then it's only a resolution. Something that you decide in the moment without much thought or plan. 

Since the New Year have you reviewed your resolutions? Let me guess...Nope! Because you had no real intention of completing it. Now, if you did set an intention and you have a plan. Bravo to you! You are on your way to making magic happen or as I like to say, You Got This! 

Focus means simply staying on track without allowing distractions to knock you off course.

Don't let small distractions set you on a new course to nowhere! -Ameshica 

Yes, I just made a new quote. Please pass it on! 

Every attempt to succeed will have some distractions. You don't have to respond to everything! When working on projects, goals or plans I rarely share them. Most times, I never share them because I've found it's easier to show people your dreams. Why? They wouldn't believe you anyway or try to talk you out of them. Mainly, because they gave on their dreams long ago. Whether age, time, or life circumstances they couldn't stay focused enough to finish. Or they have too many plans, projects, and ideas to focus just on one. Tyler Perry said it best, focus on just one thing and allow grace to do the rest. Honestly, grace is the only thing that supports your God vision. There's no Oprah God trust me I would have found him/her by now. There's only your vision, prayer, grace and focus. 

So I'm asking you today to set your intentions, make a plan and stay focused!  

Until next time...Be Focused and Optimistic!