One Life-Changing Question Mothers Forget To Ask Themselves

What can I do right now to make me happier?

I love this question for many reasons. People often think you should stop living when you become a mother. Since I have a disabled son, most people feel I should not have a full-time career. The reality is, he is entitled to his independence. Yes, he is entitled to the same lifestyle opportunities as typically developing children. 

Mother's are allowed to leave home without a permission slip from society. My grandmother worked a full-time job while raising nine children. Both she and my grandfather managed home life well. They also had a farm with livestock and several vegetable gardens. If they could manage during the late 1940's, surely we can in 2017!

We're all entitled to life, liberty and the pursuant of happiness! 

Your kids will thank you!

Here's what helped me answer this one life-changing question:

1) Putting yourself first, I know most will say, "That's selfish." Exactly! That's the point - ME TIME. Take some time for yourself to rejuvenate and relax. Life is overwhelming enough. Why should motherhood add to that stress? 

2) Don't fall prey to the Work Life Balance trap- There's no such thing! Different stages of your life will require a different version of you. When your kids are smaller you may only have one Girls Night Out a year! No worries, you will have plenty of make-up time. When you're empty nesting! 

3) Support systems are vital! No matter, if you have natural support like family or social support like friends. It's life's best defense! Studies have shown women live longer than their husbands. For one simple reason, COMMUNICATION! When we share our concerns, fears, etc... with girlfriends, it reduces stress! Therefore, keep chatting--- it's a lifesaver! Literally

Until next time...See where the Optimism takes you!